Syalon Protection Tubes

Syalon ceramics for engineering applications are established in most parts of the metal industry, especially in the non-ferrous sectors Aluminum, Copper and Brass.

Syalon Special Products

Many of our Syalon products are unique and specially designed to meet our customers’ demands.

β-Syalon (Beta-Syalon)

Our standard Syalon is a β-Syalon prime. More here.

Syalon Heater and Riser Tubes

Syalon heater and riser tubes offer long life, improved process reliability and are cost effective. The range of heater and riser tubes available is very divers. More details.

Syalon 501 Level Sensors

This electrically conductive Syalon can be made in almost any shape.

Syalon Adapters

Our product range also comprises different types of adaptors for Syalon tubes. More here.



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