Syalon Heater and Riser Tubes

Syalon heater and riser tubes offer long life, improved process reliability and are cost effective. The range of heater and riser tubes available is very divers, although we are limited to a maximum outside diamter of 200 mm and a maximum length of 1500 mm.A selection of the tubes we currently manufacture are shown in the tables below.

Other sizes upon request.

Syalon 101 Immersion Heater Tubes

Application: as protection tube for heating elements or for gas-fired recuperator-burner. Excellent ‘non-wetting’ features in molten non-ferrous metals. High thermal conductivity.

Syalon 101 Riser Tube with Steel Flange

Application: for low-pressure die-casting machines. Excellent non-wetting features. Excellent chemical resistance.



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