Special Products

Syalon was originally developed for completely different applications which were all about extremely high abrasion resistance. The material found its way into the metal industry by chance but became most successful in the field of molten metal. Researched and developed for extremely demanding mechanical and chemical applications, it is no surprise that chemists and scientists eagerly elaborated their possibilities with this material before metallurgists found out that Syalon is a material with which they could improve the technical workflow in their foundries. Below is a small selection of special products that have been successfully developed for the molten metal market and a number of other industries.

Syalon pump tube for electromagnetic pumps

Syalon pump radiant heater tube (OBE) for electrical heating elements

Syalon nozzles, conical

Syalon casting nozzle with integral flange

Syalon (Sialon) immersion heater tubes for electrical heating elements or for gasfired recuperator burners. High thermal conductivity, excellent ‘non-wetting’ features.

Syalon Fluxing pipes. Application: degassing of aluminium melts. Available in two different versions: tubes open both ends or tubes closed one end with holes at the closed end (see photography). Dimensions: 150 – 1500 mm, Ø 16×9 mm / 22×12 mm / 28×16 mm

Syalon stopper and ring. Application: stops the metal flow during casting of aluminium or other nonferrous metals.

Syalon immersion heater tube with steel flange

Syalon 501 Level Sensors

Syalon casting nozzle

Syalon Actuator Rod

Syalon extusion dies



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